What's Protecting Your Investment?

Asphalt pavement is one of the biggest investments on your property. By spending pennies now on it's protection, you will save dollars later on its replacement cost.

Spend your budget dollars wisely

There are a lot of ways to take shortcuts and manufacturer a cheaper, poorer quality sealer that simply will not last. Being the only sealcoat manufacture with an on-site Industrial Engineer, and a state of the art laboratory at our headquarters, we have a commitment to quality. Rest assured, if your contractor uses STAR-SEAL, you are using the best sealer in the business.

STAR-SEAL Supreme:

  • Highly cost efficient; double the life of the project by spending 25% more.
  • Will outlast other sealers by min. 2x in longevity and overall durability.
  • Fast drying to rich black color.
  • Flexibility at all temperatures. Hot blended rubber in STAR SEAL SUPREME provides excellent resistance to thermal susceptibility i.e. cold temperature flex and softening at higher temperatures.
  • "Top-toughener" will reduce tire markings and scuffing.
  • Excellent resistance to de-icing salts, fuels, oil, and petro-chemicals.
  • Outstanding water repellency, thanks to built-in specialty additives.
  • Stops asphalt pavement degradation by preserving the asphalt binder.
  • Fills minor, hairline cracks and provides uniform textured appearance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain while beautifying the pavement.