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Product Bulletin

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Detailed Application Spec

MICRO-PAVE® is a heavy-duty sealcoating that is especially designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavements. e.g. airports, commercial parking lots, home driveways, etc. Based on select grades of asphalt resins, minerals, specialty additives, and performance boosters, MICRO-PAVE® provides maximum protection against:

  • Weathering and traffic damage
  • Moisture and water penetration
  • Freeze / thaw cycle damage
  • Surface raveling and checking

Outstanding Features:

  • Outstanding Toughness: MICRO-PAVE® is useful on shopping centers and malls where typical ring road traffic causes other sealcoatings to fail prematurely.
  • Superior Flexibility: MICRO-PAVE® can be used to seal surfaces with small cracks to eliminate water penetration.
  • Non-Irritating: MICRO-PAVE® is non toxic and nearly odorless. No noxious fumes and no burning sensation, during application.
  • Water Based: No solvent fumes. Low V.O.C. product.

MICRO-PAVE® preserves the smoothness and resilience of asphalt surfaces and helps hide rough spots, small cracks, 
patches and surface depressions. Pavements coated with MICRO-PAVE® look cleaner because rainfall washes dirt and debris
easily from the smooth, non-porous surface. Traffic lines become more visible.

Recommended Uses:

MICRO-PAVE® is recommended for all off-street asphalt surfaces that are in sound and stable condition. MICRO-PAVE® 
provides a rich and uniform textured surface that is durable, skid resistant, and easy to maintain.

Best Areas to Use MICRO-PAVE®

  • Parking Lots
  • Home Driveways
  • Airports
  • Highway Shoulders
  • Walkways
  • Gas Stations
  • Play Areas
  • and More...

Specifications and Standards:

MICRO-PAVE® must be applied to structurally sound pavements by experienced applicators. Asphalt pavement should be protected by two coats of MICRO-PAVE®, however, the quantities and coverage rates must conform to manufacturer’s detailed specifications. Average coverage rates are 0.18 to .20 undiluted gallons per square yard. STAR MACRO-FLEX®, latex additive and silica sand may be added for increased traction and durability.

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