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STAR MACRO-FAST® is a specialty polymer, latex based additive, that speeds up the drying of sealcoatings without changing the mix design. Viscosity remains unchanged but dry times are cut by up to 50%. Suitable for early morning, night time, springtime and fall seasons where ambient conditions of temperature, humidity and dew point are generally unfavorable for sealcoating. Useful in situations where your mix design is set and you need to dry your finishing coat quickly, or a normal cure time is not allowable. STAR MACRO-FAST® also improves the overall performance and durability of the sealcoating. It is recommended for both Refined Tar and Asphalt Emulsion based sealcoatings.Outstanding Properties:

  • Speeds up the drying time of sealcoatings thereby reducing labor cost
    and allowing traffic sooner than non-modified sealer.
  • Sealcoatings dry to a uniform black color, under sun or shade.
  • Does not thicken or change viscosity of the sealer thus eliminating the
    temptation to add more water to the mix design.
  • Especially suited for single coat applications or applications that do not
    require the addition of sand or aggregates.
  • Very useful for the final “Neat Coat” application on a multi-coat system
    in high traffic areas that require fast dry times.
  • Improves tensile strength, flexibility and adhesion of the cured sealer
    film and also improves fuel and chemical resistance.
  • Based on a polymer-emulsion; safe to handle and use. No health
    hazards have been reported.
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