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STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ A new generation of high performance, adhesion promoting primers that are offered to serve a diverse set of needs in an evolving sealcoating industry. STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ is a water based, 100% acrylic polymer coating that is fortified with specialty chemicals that will promote adhesion to problematic areas in both asphalt and concrete pavements. STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ is the FIRST product you should look to when you encounter a challenging adhesion situation over problematic surfaces that need to be sealcoated. STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ overcomes the common problems faced every day when working to cover surfaces that have been contaminated by oils, grease, fats, tree sap deposits, fuel spillage and anti-freeze drippings. Also highly effective in primin aged pavements and polished aggregates, freshly patched asphalt areas and concrete pavements that are difficult for sealcoatings to adhere to.

• As a Coating - will prevent oil, grease and contaminants from penetrating into the asphalt pavement.
• As a Primer - will prevent oil, grease and contaminants from bleeding up through the sealcoating, and will improve surface appearance.
• STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ will effectively stop, or greatly reduce, tile and carpet staining which is sometimes caused by tracking sealcoatings by foot into stores and businesses. Apply a finishing coat of STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ along the entire width, and preferably out to a 50 foot depth, in front of
the building entrances at full strength, without dilution.
• On Concrete - will aggressively adhere to concrete surfaces and act like a sealcoating by itself or as a primer so that sealcoating appears uniform across all surfaces on a properly with both concrete and asphalt pavements. • Will eliminate the need for excessive surface preparation that could damage
the asphalt substrate.
• Is easy to use straight from the container. Minimal on-the-job mixing.
• Dries to rich black satin finish in 30 minutes, Cures in 2 to 4 hours.
• Useful as a black out paint for old traffic control markings.

STAR® GENESIS PRIME RT™ is excellent where concrete and asphalt are used together and a uniform appearance is desired, for example; drive through lanes or gas station fueling pads. Recommended on all asphalt surfaces where contamination and oil spotting or black out is needed and problems need to be treated prior to sealcoating application. Excellent for priming aged asphalt aggregate that is polished due to tire abrasion, allowing sealcoating to adhere more tenaciously than unprimed surfaces.

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